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Hello! Here is my attempt at a small page for my two favorite Hercules characters, Meg and Hades


Little Meg pic

Megara, or Meg, is the great heroine of the story. She's been jilted by her boyfriend (whom she so loved that she even sold her soul to Hades to save!) Alas, her boyfriend ran out on her and now she must do the bidding of Hades. Poor girl. When she meets a guy named Hercules, she's unsure of her feelings and feels she might get hurt again by another man.

She sings a great song of her mixed feelings entitled, "I Won't Say." (It's the first Disney anti-love song I know)

Here she is singing her big number:

And, if you'd like a midi of it, here's one I found: "I Won't Say" Midi (13.3 kb)

Of course, seeing this is a Disney movie, she is finally freed from being Hades slave and lives happily ever after with Hercules.


Little Hades Pic

"Name is Hades, Lord of the Dead, hi, how ya doing?" (click for a .wav of this)

The Lord of the Underworld is a real hothead! He's also a fast talking, almost Hollywood agent type. For being Lord of the Dead, he does have a good sense of humor! Despite that though, he has one evil plan up his sleeves. He wants to rule Mt. Olympus and take Zeus's place. The only thing standing in way? Guess who? Hercules! So, Hades sends his two henchmen,


Pain and



to get rid of Herc. They of course fail and this really makes Hades wonder why he hired these two....

Hades looking like, 'Why did I hire these guys?'

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