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Welcome to the tid-bit room. I'm attempting to organize all the information sent to me. So far, I have these little bits of info:

As well as some suggestions for what to put here.

The contributors to this page have been given credit. I used their intials by the info they gave, so here's the who's who of the bunch:

The Error in "Freakazoid is History" :

The depiction [of] the cause of WWII [is inaccurate] (Pearl Harbour didn't "start" WWII, it just brought America into a war that had been going on for two years already) -JW

Further to Jaime's point re Pearl Harbor/WWII Even if we suppose da Freak had stopped the Japanese from attacking Pearl Harbor, there still would have been Manila, Guam and Wake to consider. The US would have declared war anyway. About the only difference is there wouldn't have been quite the shock value (and revenge value) of Pearl Harbor, and there would have been more battleships for the US to use. The last is of doubtful utility, as the case of the Prince of Wales and Repulse demonstrated a few days after Pearl Harbor, and the fact that the remaining battleships did little during the first eight months of the war (they were kept behind at Midway because they were too slow). The big guys like the South Dakota, Washington, North Carolina didn't come on line until later in '42, and still later came the even bigger Wisconsin, New Jersey and Iowa.

So pretty much all Freak did was save a bunch of big, useless large objects. Well, that might explain what happened to Rush Limbaugh.... - EC

Don't forget the Massachusetts ('42, South Dakota class, still preserved in Boston Harbor), or the Missouri ('44, Iowa class). And most likely the battleships would have been sent to the Atlantic, where they WOULD have been useful.

(Don't forget that, eventually, only the Arizona and Oklahoma were wiped out permanently... all of the other battleships that were in harbor on 12-7-41 were salvaged and rebuilt, and saw a great deal of action in the Pacific.)

>So pretty much all Freak did was save a bunch of big, useless large >objects. Well, that might explain what happened to Rush Limbaugh....

Well, I know some sailors who would dispute that... but that's another story. ;-) - RM

The Cast Fight:

Cast Fight

From what I can tell it sounds like Tress MacNeille and Rob Paulsen arguing, with someone with a monotone (possibly a news reporter?) in the background mumbling stuff while a bunch of sound effects are also thrown in. I really can't tell what Tress is saying (I think maybe she started it out with "I'm the boss here!"), but I've made some guesses as to what Rob said:

"I'm the boss here! I've got a parking space with my name on it, sister! (????) right now! (????)! I have my own parking space, you do not! I drive" "your car."

Heh now I *know* "your car" doesn't make sense but that's just what it sounded like as far as I could tell. Unless there's some hidden joke to it... - NM

You can also see Emmit Nervend there too. - LL

So how old is Dexter/Freakazoid anyway?

In the very first episode, "Dance of Doom", Dexter's mom makes the observation, "...but you're only sixteen!" This works out fine, until one of the later episodes...namely, "The Chip, Part I", the one that begins to tell the story of Freakazoid's origins. In this episode, Roddy comes to Dexter's house to find him, claiming he's Dexter's insurance agent. Debbie Douglas, Dexter's mom, who answered the door, says, "...but he's only seventeen!"

Now, this may seem logical since "The Dance of Doom" came before "The Chip",.....buuuuuuut, in "The Dance of Doom", Dexter was already able to become Freakazoid, and "The Chip" looked back BEFORE that when Dexter FIRST became seems to be getting......younger...!!?!?! Well, anything's possible, I suppose, but this was a simple mistake that anyone could make with a series of shows, especially if they include flashbacks! But, given that they probably meant for Freakazoid/Dexter's age to be seventeen, that's the age, I thought of him as. And then, in "The Freakazoid", Freakazoid celebrated his birthday, and though never saying which one it was, we can assume it was his eighteenth, which is fine with me because I'm also eighteen!!

Whew! Well, there it is....sorry it's so long, but I had to make sure to explain it thoroughly so everyone could see the mistake...!!



- A list of Emmit Nervend cameos: when and where he appears. (I tried myself once, but I had trouble doing the descriptions; however, from Keeper I ascertained that Emmit's appearance in the title sequence counts as one of the times you're supposed to "find" him.)

- Anachronisms, nits, misrepresentations, in other words ANY inaccuracy is fair game in such cases. As Jessica pointed out, the depiction of the D.C. area in the show is totally inaccurate; so is the depiction of such things as: the cause of WWII (Pearl Harbour didn't "start" WWII, it just brought America into a war that had been going on for two years already), the way nuclear warheads are activated and de-activated, etc, etc.

- How about the career highlights of all the many guest stars F! has had, not just the obvious ones like Montalban and Freberg but also such lumnaries as Rose Marie (Sally on "The Dick Van Dyke Show"), Clive Revill (Fagin in the first American production of the musical "Oliver!"), and so forth.

- Continuity goofs. Always a source of nits to pick. -JW

since Rob Paulsen is often credited as "himself", it would be interesting if someone could hunt down every voice he's performed in the show

or other voice actor references, like "jeff" being next on the list of people to see F! in "the freakazoid", and then the huntsman, voiced by jeff bennett, asking a favor. - JO